A-Shell 6.0

Are you updating from an older version of A-Shell? First see the Updating page.

Are you looking for an eval/demo copy of A-Shell? First see the Evaluating page.


Follow these steps to install or update A-Shell on your Windows PC:

  • Determine whether you should use the standard version or the “C” version. Use the standard version if you’re not sure, and/or see the Special C Version page if you have questions.
  • Download by clicking one of these: A-Shell for Windows – Standard Version or A-Shell for Windows – C Version
  • Run the installation program. Make your selections and options during the installation as you would with any Windows program. 
  • When the installation is complete, run A-Shell itself.   
  • Very important: Before configuring A-Shell for your needs or particular installation, the first thing to do is get the latest software. Go to Help on the menu bar and then Check for Updates. Say “Yes” if offered the chance to update. The copy of A-Shell you downloaded above was NOT the most recent A-Shell software, so this step is necessary to make sure you have the latest version.  
  • After the you have download and installed the latest version of A-Shell, NOW you’re ready to go.


The ATE installation procedure is the same as above, except for the download. Click here to download ATE Standard Version and then follow the steps above.


Linux and AIX

Platform(s) Installation File(s) Installation Notes
AIX ash-6.0.1244.2-aix.bin install-notes-aix.txt
AIX for Triad / Wrenchhead ash-6.0.1244.2-aix-tw.bin install-notes-aix.txt
Red Hat Enterprise 4/5, CentOS 4/5, other Linux 2.6 kernels ash-6.0.1253.5-el4.bin install-notes-el4.txt
Red Hat Linux 8.x ash-6.0.1244.2-rh8x.bin
Generic Linux ash-6.0.1244.2-lnx.bin


Here is the complete A-Shell Reference for A-Shell 6.0, and here are the A-Shell 6.0 Release Notes. See the documentation page for additional docs on  A-Shell modules, options and add-ons, which are generally not version-dependent.

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