A-Shell 6.5

Caution: As of late March 2017, this page is out of date. Please ignore, come back later. A new page with 6.5 info will be posted when applicable.

Use this page for downloading the current version of A-Shell. This version is appropriate for all users and developers; the only reason not to download this version is because you need an older version for historical purposes. The current version has no known problems or bugs and incorporates all of the latest aspects and features of A-Shell.

  • Are you updating from an older version of A-Shell? First see the Updating page.
  • Are you looking for an eval/demo copy of A-Shell? First see the Evaluating page.


If you haven’t yet done so, take a look at the A-Shell Reference to find everything you ever wanted to know about A-Shell, including in-depth discussions of installation and set-up issues.

A-Shell for Windows

Follow these steps to install or update A-Shell on your Windows PC:

  • Determine whether you should use the standard version or the “C” version. Use the standard version if you’re not sure, and/or see the Special C Version page if you have questions.
  • Download by clicking one of these: A-Shell 6.3 for Windows – Standard Version   or   A-Shell 6.3 for Windows – C Version
  • Run the installation program. Make your selections and options during the installation as you would with any Windows program. 
  • When the installation is complete, run A-Shell itself.   
  • Very important: Before configuring A-Shell for your needs or particular installation, the first thing to do is get the latest software. Go to Help on the menu bar and then Check for Updates. Say “Yes” if offered the chance to update. The copy of A-Shell you downloaded above was NOT the most recent A-Shell software, so this step is necessary to make sure you have the latest version.  
  • After the you have download and installed the latest version of A-Shell, NOW you’re ready to go.


The ATE installation procedure is the same as above, except for the download. Click here to download ATE 6.3 and then follow the steps above.  

Raspberry Pi

For information and downloading of A-Shell for this device, see our page of that name. 

Linux, AIX, UNIX, Other

The A-Shell installation files and procedures for Linux, AIX, UNIX and other platforms are not as automated as those for Windows. If you have any questions about what the files are, or which ones to use, or how to use them, or you don’t see the files you need, please contact MicroSabio. Plus, select one of the “bin-linux” folders from our developers’ distribution page and download the appropriate file set. 


Here are the A-Shell 6.5 Development Notes. See the documentation page for the latest documentation on A-Shell, release notes and all A-Shell modules, options and add-ons.


In addition to the core A-Shell software, A-Shell includes an assortment of examples (“EXLIB”), shared open-source programs (“SOSLIB”), a function library (“LIBXL”) and an editor (“APN”). These files are managed via a third-party tool and website called BitBucket, which you can see here.

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