APN: Why Use It?

MicroSabio doesn’t necessarily care how you edit your code. If you efficiently dictate it to transcribers in India, good for you. However, we do have an interest in reducing the obstacles to creating and maintaining good code, since that good code leads to more and happier customers.  While VUE has served us well, and remains practical for specific tasks, like the horse-drawn plow compared to the tractor, it simply can’t compete with the powerful time-saving and quality-enhancing capabilities of a modern integrated development environment (IDE). This is why we created APN, and this is why you should adopt it:

  • Like power tools to a carpenter, the more powerful capabilities of APN will make you more efficient. Outside of raw typing (which is a relatively small part of programming), every other operation — navigating, searching, compiling, debugging, cross-referencing, restructuring, re-using code — will be faster and easier.  That translates to getting more done, making more money, less stress, more free time, better quality of life.
  • As with an X-Ray to a doctor, better visualization leads to better diagnoses, better corrective action, better results. APN’s richer visual interface (multiple files, syntax highlighting, object/tag view) will allow you to better see and navigate your programs.  That translates to more reliable, easier to maintain, better code.


  • Because it uses the standard Windows keyboard and mouse commands and offers a more typical Windows user interface (menus, dialogs, fonts, etc.), it eliminates one of the major obstacles to bringing new programming talent on board. Particularly for younger programmers, it will be instantly familiar to them, resulting in reduced training costs.

Ready to Go?

To begin using APN, please send us an email message stating your intent.

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