Every two years beginning in 2002, MicroSabio has hosted an A-Shell Developers Conference. These events have been very successful in accomplishing their objectives, which are to:

  • provide developers with an in-depth review and explanation of recent A-Shell developments
  • discuss the needs, priorities and interests of A-Shell developers with regard to the direction of future A-Shell developments and features—i.e., decide what new options, capabilities and features should be added to A-Shell
  • give developers the opportunity to ask questions and discuss problems, and to share their solutions with their fellow developers
  • foster a sense of participation and community amongst A-Shell stake-holders

Our conferences are held in interesting and pleasant locations, and provide the opportunity for sight-seeing, relaxing and socialization as well as two-plus days of fairly intensive technical work.

Here is a link to all of the photos from all of the conferences: Additional info about individual conferences is provided below.


The 2016 A-Shell Developers Conference was held at the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort in Key Largo, Florida, on Wednesday, October 12 (5 p.m. meet-and-greet) through Saturday October 15 (6 – 9 p.m. banquet). For information about the conference, in the form of email messages that went out to attendees, see the 2016 Conference page here. Courtesy of Denis Giroux and others, we’ve posted pictures from the conference here. After the conference, several people continued on to Key West; here are some photos of that trip segment also courtesy of Denis.


The 2014 A-Shell Developers Conference took place in Trois Rivières, Quebec, October 8 – 11, 2014. Trois Rivières is about 85 miles northeast of Montreal, up the St. Lawrence Seaway, and is the home of long-time A-Shell reseller Celibec and MicroSabio friend and associate Denis Giroux. For more information on conference details, please see the conference web page. Courtesy of Denis and Steve Evans, here are some photos.


The 2012 A-Shell Developers Conference took place in San Diego, California, October 3 through 6. Here are the Conference information pages and here are a few photos. 


The 2010 A-Shell Developers Conference was held in Porto, Portugal, and was hosted by long-time A-Shell developer and reseller Mr. Jorge Tavares. By all reports this was our most enjoyed conference ever, as most conference-goers brought their wives and did lots of sight seeing. Jorge was a superb host and Porto a great city to visit. Click here for more information and here for some photos.  


Our 2008 conference was in Savannah, Georgia, November 13,14, 15, and it was quite outstanding. The hotel was very nice and in a great part of town, the conference room was on the top floor and had a 270 degree view of the city, many excellent restaurants and interesting spots were within easy walking distance-and the A-Shell part was pretty good too. Below is info on the place we stayed, which is highly recommended if you’re traveling to Savannah. Photos from Steve Evans here, and from everybody else here.  

Planters Inn on Reynolds Square
29 Abercorn St. Savannah, Georgia, GA 31401
Toll Free: 800-554-1187; Local: 912-232-5678
Our contact: Marc Friday 


The 2006 International A-Shell Developers’ and Resellers’ Conference was held in New Orleans November 9, 10 and 11. The seminars were conducted in a conference room at the Royal Saint Charles Hotel, and most of the guests stayed at that establishment. The hotel is in an excellent location between downtown and the French Quarter, about eight blocks from the River. Besides three rather intense days of A-Shell technical discussions, highlights of the event included a dinner cruise up and down the River on a paddlewheel steamer, and lots of good food and drink on Bourbon Street and its immediate neighborhood. Pictures from Steve Evans here and the rest here. 


The 2004 A-Shell Developer and Reseller Conference was held October 27 – 29 at the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Most of the major A-Shell resellers and developers attended, and we had a very productive couple days of A-Shell seminars. The A-Shell User Interface (AUI), A-Shell’s system for managing and implementing a graphical user interface in BASIC programs running under A-Shell, was the major topic of conversation. Several developers who have begun “GUI-ifying” their applications gave presentations showing their accomplishments to date.

The weather was great, the company was interesting, as always, and we found time to have some fun as well as getting a lot accomplished. Thanks to all who came. Here are some photos


The First Annual (definitely the first and we hope the annual) A-Shell Developers’ and Resellers’ Conference was held at the Huntley Radisson Hotel in Santa Monica (Los Angeles area), in mid-September 2002. It provided two full days of good food, good company, interesting discussions and lots of information about A-Shell. 

The conference was a mixture of tutorials, demos, and discussions about a variety of topics of interest to A-Shell developers and resellers. Some of the most interesting discussions were those that took place “off the agenda” during meals, breaks, drinks, etc., for which one simply had to be present in order to appreciate. Photos here.

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