Is A-Shell For You?

This page was written for people and organizations that:

  • Are running mission-critical programs on an Alpha Micro computer.


  • Want to leave the Alpha Micro computer behind but continue running their same programs.

If this describes your situation, then MicroSabio and A-Shell may have a solution for you.

A-Shell is a “shell” or “container” program which:

  • Runs on generic hardware with today’s popular operating systems, namely Windows and Linux.


  • Allows programs written for the Alpha Micro run exactly the same as they do on an Alpha Micro computer.
In other words, it is possible to purchase a relatively low-cost computer running Windows or Linux, transfer your data and programs from the Alpha Micro, and have all of your programs run in the new environment just as they were running in the old environment. Reports print the same, screens look the same, keystrokes are the same, everything is identical. In many cases, it is not possible to recognize whether you are running on the old machine or the new one—except, of course, that the new one is so much faster.

In the case of Windows, A-Shell and your programs are just another window like Word or Excel or an internet browser, etc. When you want to run your Alpha Micro programs, you switch to the A-Shell window and run them. When you need to do something else, you change to another window and do it.

So if you want to free yourself from Alpha Micro hardware and have AMOS running on a PC, take the next step and get in touch with us. We have roughly 1500 A-Shell installations on three continents, from single-users to 1200-user systems, with some having run A-Shell for twenty-plus years; and none of those customers have regretted their move to A-Shell.

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