New A-Shell Systems

Your new A-Shell system has three components:

  • A-Shell itself, which is defined as a base system of some number of nodes
  • Add-on options and modules
  • Annual software maintenance

To determine the price of your system, you use a combination of prices from the price list and calculations to arrive at a total. In the following example, all the prices above the subtotal come from the price list.



Existing A-Shell Systems

When you wish to purchase additional A-Shell capacity (nodes), use the “Add-ons” prices from the price list. For example:

  • $190 – Add one node
  • $500 – Add five nodes

Unless your update occurs within 60 days of your annual software maintenance renewal, there is no charge for software maintenance on the new software; your software maintenance will be increased to include the new software on your next annual renewal. If the update does occur within 60 days of the annual renewal date, then one year’s maintenance will be charged.

Annual Software Maintenance

A-Shell is always under development. New capabilities are added, performance is improved, old methods, techniques and processes are updated, changes are required by changes to the host operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.), documentation, support systems and software libraries are continually updated, etc. These changes are required by the evolving nature of the software product itself and the environment (modern computers) in which it operates. Just to keep pace with the modern world, A-Shell requires continuing investment.

The benefit to the user and payor of software maintenance of this continuing investment is that you are assured that A-Shell will run in today’s and tomorrow’s computing environment. Regardless of changes to Windows or Linux or your environment, A-Shell will run and will continue providing you with service.

Included with the annual maintenance fee is “a reasonable amount” of technical support. We reserve the right to charge for projects and special jobs, but most A-Shell support is provided as part of the maintenance contract and without additional charge.

Note that the annual maintenance fee is based to today’s price for your system, which may be different than what you actually paid for it. This means that your annual maintenance fee might increase over the years, although A-Shell price increases tend to be rare and small.

Also included with annual maintenance is access to the A-Shell Forum where you can ask questions and research A-Shell topics.






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