MicroSabio serves as the North American distributor for ZTERM, an excellent terminal emulator developed by Rod Hewitt of Cool Stuff.

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Installing and Running ZTERM

If you do not already have ZTERM installed and running, this is your first step—before licensing or buying or contacting MicroSabio.

  • Download the  latest version of ZTERM, zt144n.exe, from here or the Cool Stuff web site (Download … ZTERM 2000) onto your Windows desktop.
  • RIGHT CLICK the downloaded file, select “Run As Administrator,” and then follow the installation prompts. It is a very simple installation.
  • Double-click the new ZTERM desktop icon to run ZTERM.
  • Use Add Profile and, if necessary, Profile Configuration, to get ZTERM connected to and working with the target host computer.



  • 28-day free trial. When ZTERM is originally installed, it will run for 28 days without restriction or limitation. This evaluation period gives you time to experiment and make sure that ZTERM is going to work as expected, meet your needs, etc. In order for it to operate beyond the trial period, you must purchase a license. Please do not wait until day 27 or 28 to order the license; give yourself and MicroSabio time to deal with credit cards, time zones, holidays, lost email messages, etc.)
  • Applying the license: When you get the license code from MicroSabio and wish to enter it, be sure to run ZTERM As Administrator. RIGHT CLICK on the program’s icon, choose “Run As Administrator,” then navigate to the Help…Register screen to enter the new code. It is not necessary to run as administrator during normal ZTERM operations, only when entering the license code.
  • Licensing is by specific PC. The ZTERM license is linked to the specific licensed version of Microsoft Windows running on the PC. The license is not transferrable, and it will not work on any other computer. If you keep proper and complete backups of your PC, the ZTERM license will be restored along with the rest of Windows in the case of a major hardware failure. Your ZTERM license will also be valid on updated versions of Windows, as long as the new version of Windows is installed in “Upgrade mode” (as opposed to “new install”).
  • Replacement licenses: If you are replacing a ZTERM license, see Replacement Licenses on the ZTERM Prices page to determine if you qualify for reduced pricing.


Product Information

  • 32-bit Windows: ZTERM was developed using 32-bit Windows technology, so it is fast and free of a lot of excess baggage.  It runs on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Easy Installation and Updating:  Just download the self-installation package, run (as administrator), and in a couple of clicks you’re done.
  • Telnet and Serial: ZTERM includes both Telnet and Serial connections. Telnet requires only the standard Microsoft TCP stack.
  • FTP File Transfers:  FTP transfers offer high speed and flexibility, since you can transfer files (menu driven, with wildcards, or driven by your BASIC program) independent of activity in the terminal window.   For serial connections, ZMODEM is used for UNIX hosts and a proprietary ZTXFER for AMOS.
  • AMOS and UNIX hosts are supported.  Ideal for A-Shell/UNIX!
  • Excellent AM62A/AM62C terminal emulations, plus Wyse50, Wyse 350, CY350, VT100.
  • Programming hooks allow your Basic program to command the PC (via ESC sequences) to perform many operations, including file transfers, launching Windows applications, user interface enhancements, etc.
  • Printer Support:  Routes AUX port output to the Windows printer of your choice (either direct via TCRT or via an included driver for serial spooling); emulates 10/17 pitch using GDI fonts; supports passthrough printing.  Includes LPD support for AMOS.  You can even perform GDI printer commands (font selection, graphics) from BASIC.
  • Related product ZTERMINAL.  Boundless Capio 320 “thin client” (Windows CE based) with ZTERM embedded in ROM.  State of the art desktop connectivity!


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