ZTERM Licensing

To get and install a ZTERM license, please following this procedure.

  1. Begin this process a few days before your trial period expires. If you wait to the last minute and something goes wrong, you will be without the access that ZTERM is providing.
  2. Run ZTERM as you normally would
  3. Use your mouse to navigate through the ZTERM menu bar to “Register,” as shown here:

    You will probably then see this screen:

  4. To “disconnect from the host” as it says, go here:

    After you’ve disconnected from the host (if that step was necessary), then find “Your code” and “Check Digits” on the Registration screen as shown here:


  5. Copy/paste the value from “Your code” and “Check Digits” into a new email message.
  6. Also write into that email message, “I have read the webpage on ZTERM ordering and understand the procedure. Please send me an invoice and, after I pay it, the ZTERM license code.”
  7. Send the email message to zterm@microsabio.com. When you receive the license code by return email, then:
  8. IMPORTANT: Run ZTERM “As Administrator.” To do this, right-click on the ZTERM program icon and select “Run As Administrator.” You need to do this only when entering the license; for normal ZTERM operations, just run as a normal Windows user—i.e., no special steps required, just double-click on the program icon.
  9. Go back to the same “Registration” screen as described above.
  10. Enter the code into the “License code” box shown above.
  11. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the checkbox for “Verify license with server” is UNchecked.
  12. Click on the “OK” button to finish the procedure.
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