ZTERM Prices


Pricing Details

Quantity is based on the number of licenses purchased at one time. You do not have to actually license them all at once, but the price structure assumes you obtain the codes via email in no more than two or three batches. Beyond that, one or more $25-per-event administrative charges may apply.

For quantities of twenty or more licenses, you may optionally order a dongle ($50 deposit) which allows you to generate your own codes. For large networks, you can obtain a dongle-based network license for $150 plus the normal fee for the number of simultaneous users (sparing you from individually coding each PC).

Discounts are available to qualified resellers (see the ZTERM Resellers page), some not-for-profit organizations, and in special circumstances. 

Replacement Licenses

It is not possible to replace or re-issue a ZTERM license. The license is linked to the Microsoft Windows license of the computer on which it was originally installed, and cannot be re-created or duplicated for another (or rebuilt) computer.

However, MicroSabio is not without sympathy for people who purchased a license and then had their computer crash. We therefore offer discounts on the purchase of replacement licenses. The amount of the discount is based on how long it has been since you purchased the ZTERM license being replaced:

  • If the license is less than two years old, your replacement cost is $35.
  • If the license is more than two but less than five years old, your replacement cost is $70.
  • If the license is more than five years old, a discount is not available. You will need to purchase ZTERM at the normal retail price.

To claim your discount, please include in your order information the date you purchased the ZTERM license being replaced. If you can provide a MicroSabio invoice number as well, that would be helpful and appreciated.

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