ZTERM Reseller

ZTERM Reseller Information

If you are an A-Shell reseller, then you are automatically a ZTERM reseller. Otherwise, in order to be a reseller (i.e., get a discount from the published retail prices), you need to:

1. Read all the ZTERM related pages on this website. From the MicroSabio home page, see Other…ZTERM… and the several child pages.

2. Have an in-house copy of ZTERM that you can use for testing, familiarity, demos, and troubleshooting client problems. This is NOT the free trial version, but a paid license. It can be part of your required minimum reseller purchase.

3. Take full responsibility for client tech support, including all matters related to installation and licensing. If the client has any problems, you deal with them—both the problems and the client. We provide support to you, but not to the client.

4. Purchase or have purchased at least 20 licenses for resale.

5. Confirm via email or telephone that you are in fact a reseller of computer software. We will provide neither software nor support if you misrepresent your reseller status.



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