A-Shell Overview:

Portability for BASIC Applications

If you have a application written in BASIC, and are feeling confined by your limited options and opportunities, A-Shell is your ticket to freedom. A-Shell liberates your application from its hardware and operating system confinement. Using A-Shell, you can run your application on just about any popular platform, from laptops and Windows workstations to LANs, WANs, UNIX servers, AIX machines, and all manner of Linux variants.

How is that possible? Through precision and patient software engineering. Over the course of several years in the early nineties, we painstakingly developed a nearly perfect software replacement for a hardware-linked language called AlphaBASIC. AlphaBASIC was a powerful and sophisticated superset of BASIC that software developers had used to write a wide variety of application programs, but those programs were limited to running on a very small selection of hardware. We successfully duplicated the compiler and runtime system, including XCALLs, CMD/DO file processing, PPNs, etc. Because A-Shell was written in a modern language (C) that was supported on many types of computers, it was able to run on a wide variety of industry-standard platforms.

With twenty years of continuous development behind it, A-Shell has become the nearly perfect blend of forward-looking technological innovation and traditional stability. A-Shell provides an outstanding environment in which software developers can refine and further develop programs and techniques that have been under development for decades.

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